Sunday, June 1, 2014

Where are good places to donate money?

I am often asked about nonprofits that we can trust to manage donations well. I have attached links to three that deserve support.
Palmetto Medical Initiative. Providing quality medical care at facilities in Uganda, Nicaragua, and starting one in Burundi.
Living Water Community Transformation. Working in Akot Sudan and likely to assume control of the abandoned Akot Medical Mission. They primarily manage a local school and an agricultural project and I know could use some help as they take on the medical needs of this very marginalized group.
Water Missions International. Their international headquarters is here in Charleston and they have ten country programs providing water treatment and sanitation to developing regions.
I know enough about all three of these organizations to recommend support.
Of course, I love Samaritan's Purse and some other larger organizations. But these tend to be very well funded and already well known. The three above are relatively hidden jewels.