Monday, January 20, 2014

Below is an unedited copy of my notes on my first try to understand the ongoing war between the Atuot and Agaar around Akot, South Sudan.

Akot War Notes

1978 a group of Atuot girls were attacked in the woods and had their ears cut off. This triggered a retaliatory strike from the Atuot against the Agar. Eventually, the perpetrator(s) was caught and served time in prison. He now serves as a police officer in the town of Akot.
Traditionally, the price (fine) for killing another Atuot or Agar is 31 cows. There is no such fine if an Atuot kills an Agar or vice versa. That was tried before and for some reason not accomplished.
In 2004, an old woman was attacked and shot by Atuot robbers who had been stealing in the area. The Agar struck back with a raid, even before the police determined he perpetrators. The Atuot then performed a raid, with the use of a NPA vehicle. This use of the vehicle prompted the Agar to retaliate again, this time by also raiding the NPA compound that is at the Atuot/Agar border. Numerous items were looted. SPLA sent in troops to restore, and supposedly disarm the people. The guns collected were by and large old and not workable. Some were taken and later sold back to the Agar. Atuot were not disarmed in a similar manner.

Later, as the guns returned to area, militias rearmed.