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Date 14/6/2004
To: SPLM County secretary eastern Rumbek.
Subject: security report of Agaar and Atuot community crisis.

Akot Payam administrator have recorded some details below about the community crisis:
1.     Incident continued killing.
2.     Stealing of cattle consequtively.
3.     Rapping of ladies/girls.

Therefore it started on 16//2004 that citizen namely Majur Mayom Gol got kill by unknown person which have resulted clearly that he was killed by one of the Atout called Matoc Mayor Macur who have surrendered to Wau by now.

Thereafter in the following morning Atuot people planned to make and arm brushed late Dongrin Mapuor Marier on 17/3/2004 the fellow was of ex-chief Arier Makoi Arier of Panyar section.

Onh 9/3/2004 Panyar people as their person was killed planned to attack ammunition stores in Akot on intention of looking for ammunition to attack Atuot community. Never the less government and Payam authorities have tried to protect the government stores to have shot one person dead and the other three wounded.
More over Akot Payam community remained in chaos where he planned to attack Agaany and Mabui on 20//2004 the authority tried to control the situation but they broke out of hand and as a result the attack and fighting have got casualties/kills in action were (7) seven people and other (5) five wounded.

Here after, on date 10/4/2004 peace talks was held to combined two parties to address there main faction that cause fighting between two communities in other hands the community leaders were questioned to find out the possible solutions and recommendation for how the case is going to e settled.
The peace talk was under chairman of ship CDR Deng Aluk deputy governor of administration Bhar-elgazal region.
On 26/5/2004 later on the fighting developed again when the citizen namely Manu Kuoc Maciek was killed on last May the person is of Ex-chief Mangar Marial Benyook, and as a result Agaar community (group of youth) about thirty (30) people attack the area of Buoi in Atuot area.
On 8th/6/2004 Atuot youth kill a lady called Adongwei Dhelbeny Mony at Aluak-luak Payam Akot border in her house at night hours.
Eventually Agaar  communitygroup of youth Attack Marial-bek on 9/6/2004. At evening hours however, the attack continued up to 10/6/2004 in the morning to Agaany the same evening.
On date 10/6/2004 Atuot community attack the area of rumbuol, Makur-Agaar and Alelder. Those areas remain looted the last fighting killed inaction were collected and recorded to have reached almost ten (10) people and other five (5) wounded.

On date 11/6/2004 SPLM County secretary of eastern Rumbek and chief CDR Dut Malual Arop and other government officials made a public rallies with your to subsided the tension of civil fighting, hence they have stop and start to disperse.
Finally as to find the solution our recommendation goes to call for investigation committee to convince the culprits and form a special court from different counties chiefs, which we have made last time direct to county and regional authorities.
The summary root causes of Agaar fighting with Atuot are as follows:
1.     Intention killing of Majur Mayom Gol who was kill by unknown person and it had apparently clarity the killer is from Atuot section. This has created the intention of killing Dongrin Mapuor Marier before Atuot couldn’t identify who kill Majur. However, theaim had caused Agaar community to Attack Atuot.
2.     Intention killing of citizen Manna Kuoc Maciek that caused another attack of thirty (30) people to Atuot.
3.     Intention killing of lady Adongwei Dhelbeny Mong that cause another attack to Marial-bek and Agaany.
Your possible action will be highly appreciated.
                        Best regards

                        Signed by:
                        Madit Malual Ater
                        Payam administrator Akot payam.