Friday, January 10, 2014

Nuer and Dinka conflict of today is old news in a way. The interview below is verbatim about an attack by the Nuer on the Dinka village of Akot.

Abraham on Nuer Attack

(Jeff) Abraham that’s ok. We can do it while we’re walking

(Abraham) Let us stand here…

(Jeff) We are looking at the bullet holes in the (tookule?) where I’m staying and you were telling me the story of how that happened.

(Abraham) ok… Is now ok? That hole on the roof during the war 1994 that is the time the war took place in this place. They push all the people away and they all fight (this brethren us? At 36 seconds through 38 seconds is unclear audio.) come and push them away.

(Jeff) You said they came at dawn?

(Abraham) They came at around dawns those people is a time of whose may rebel again (Aftelly?) They came around dawn in 1994 they attacked this town and also another group went down to the cattle came to attack the cattle came and raid the cattle. They kill many people even, including animal. Cow. They kill...many good number of cow and rate all the cattle. (The one or won?) with cattle. The fighting is start from cattle came around dawn until following morning. They went with other cow even including my cow they rate all my cow, they went with them. And that is the time this (Ropen?) was in charge. The (Guru?) came here to attack this town that time the fighting took place around nine foot away in this town around nine in the morning (the footaway?) And this (pull let?) a fight by (Asufulley?) again.

(Jeff) And you were telling me about someone I know who was captured?

(Abraham) Uh… that time, they captured many many even Abram, including Abram they captured him, God is so good he escaped himself and two of his family were being shot at, at the village. 

(Jeff) Killed?

(Abraham) They killed them. Yes.

(Jeff) Did you know they were coming?

(Abraham) Yeah, they came from (Neh-eh-reh?)

(Jeff) You knew they were on the way? People knew they were coming?   

(Abraham) The people coming?

(Jeff) Yeah they attacked at dawn, but did you know they were here? Were the people ready or was it a surprise?

(Abraham) Well they know people were here, the (Aremda?) come to-

(Jeff) No. I understand they knew people were here, but did the people here in (Aknot?) did they know were they aware that the Nuer were coming?

(Abraham) Yes, the people err the soldiers went for (Reknoten?) met with them and fight with them. When they come back with a message people thought that they are joking.

(Jeff) Oh really!

(Abraham) They sent a… other people in the cattle came two people they say that don’t come to (Gasearvus?) you are joking. Who’s foolish enough to come and attack us here? Go away from us. And they said who’s somebody… who came with the message?  They said that he is a (Ajuugag?). Ajuugag meaning Ajuugag is something in the middle…in the middle not down and not up-

(Jeff)  The sky, not on the ground, but up high

(Abraham) Yeah that why that man come and put us in the middle, when a (Shagalk?) come we cannot listen to him, he is the one who is in the middle, he is not telling the truth.

(Jeff) ohhh

(Abraham) That man too bold is cattle line left the same evening, early around dawn the following morning those of (Narcomma?) tail the cattle immediately. 

(Jeff) So he knew they were coming?

(Abraham) Yeah, they knew, even these people that had the message and said that they are joking maybe they are not coming to attack this place. Suddenly they come and attack this town of Aknot early in the morning.

(Jeff) Wow. 1994

(Abraham) 1994 the time we were in school

(Jeff) In the school, yeah the school was bombed. Yeah Abraham was telling me about that the school got bombed too during that time.

(Abraham) Even this one, that is the one bomb inside this (pullopidis?)

(Jeff) yeah I see that big hole

(Abraham) yeah that big hole is a bomb   

(Jeff) Is a bomb creator, yeah

(Abraham) yeah is a bomb creator, like that, that bomb-

(Jeff) Did the bombing come the same day?

(Abraham) No, not the same day that bomb eh before.

(Jeff) So they were bombing before-

(Abraham) eh… that bomb often in eh… 1991.

(Jeff) 1991!

(Abraham) yeah that is eh… I mean not is correct… yes.

(Jeff) Somewhere in that time yeah

(Abraham) Is maybe is that time

(Jeff) Yeah

(Abraham) yeah is 1991, that is bomb heaven

(Jeff) Excellent thank you

(Abraham) your welcome