Thursday, May 8, 2014

Unedited description from a Dinka about Dinka beliefs regarding life after death.

 Dead are not Dead :

According to the Dinka culture especially Agaar Dead people are considered alive after death.The spirit
of deceased person of the remained family is said to live after he or she had died.

They believe that there is world of the dead and the ghost will still visit the remain alive  family.
At night the ghost may visit with the other group who died long ago.
If the deceased was unmarried young man or young lady.
He | she can get married to his | her wife .This can be done by one of the relative who is alive.

The father ,uncles and the rest of the relatives proposed a girl to be married to the ghost.
When they have all agreed for the girl,the whole clan visit the girl family and declared to  the girl and
the parents that they come to marriage their girl for the ghost.

After the negotiation, the clan came back for collecting cows for marriage.
The girl will know very well that when she get married to that man who is a kinsman ,she will stay with
him like a widow.The children born to her are call for the dead person.

Even the children will call the man who born them their uncle or any kind of the  relation he has with
the ghost.

The man  can marriage his own wife again.The children which can be produce by the second lady will
be for the man because she is his wife.

According to the Dinka belief to the ghost, is that if the younger person to the ghost marriage his own
wife forgetting the ghost ,the ghost will kill the children.
The ghost will start attacking the family saying that the line of family order is cut.

Let,s  me say if someone elder brother died and the younger brother ignored the deceased
person,the ghost will kill the children or cause some of the children to be  abnormal.
According to their beliefs,a man can marriage for his dead brother, father,s uncle, father,s aunt ,
father,s sister, father,s   brother  ,mother,s  brother.
A man can,t marriage  for  his sister,s son.
This is because they don,t want another clan to marriage for another clan.
But for the case of mother,s brother,they valued the son of  a sister to the dead person to marry for
the uncle.

If you marry for the mother,s brother the children are belong to the clan of your
Mother,s brother.Even if the girls you have produced got married ,you will be given small portion just
like two or three cows.
And the whole dowry belong to the clan of your mother.

After the children grown up they joint their clan most especially boys.